Everest High Pressure Ionic Shower Head

Everest High Pressure Ionic Shower Head

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Every part of the shower head is easily screwed on or off for your ease of use. It's super simple to attach to your shower simply unscrew your existing shower head and screw on your new shower head. 


Is your old shower tired and not performing to the standard it used too? Hating your mornings because you have to deal with a trickle rather than an intense stream?

Well, This is your answer! 

We have reduced the size of our Germanium stones to even further compact the flow of water. Slimline our design and of course use our laser-etched holes meaning water flow Is increased massively!


With our 3 Germanium stones, we can disrupt the water flow breaking up the water meaning it comes out as a fine lighter mist composing a finer more blissful experience compared to a standard steady and harsh flow.

Not only that but Chemical compounds in the water are removed such as Chlorine meaning you are having a truly natural shower for you to enjoy!


A shower head that saves money? Yeah right! We've heard it all before but we can guarantee you that Everest uses less water than your standard showerhead. On average for one person it costs around £34 a year to have one shower a day for 7 minutes.

We know that people shower for a lot longer than that so lets double it to £68. Now let's add your family into that and times it by 4. That's £272 a year for one shower a day.

The Everest uses 30% less water than a standard showerhead due to our laser-etched holes and compact rocks that restrict the flow meaning that not only do you get a better, Higher quality shower you can also save £81.60 a year. Now imagine if those results were for two showers a day!


We Trust in the Everest and believe everyone should experience truly amazing showers every day. Remember we are here to help you! Because of this, we offer a 365-day Guarantee. If you experience any problems simply let us know, send it back and we can replace it!

We know you'll love the Everest just as much as we do and can't wait to see the results! 


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