The Integra Pillow
The Integra Pillow
The Integra Pillow
The Integra Pillow
The Integra Pillow
The Integra Pillow

The Integra Pillow

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Meet The Integra Pillow

Back sleepers

Those who like to sleep on their backs need a stronger cushion. The pillow helps you maintain a natural curved back position. Provides adequate support for the head and neck, while also reducing shoulder pain.

Side sleepers

When sleeping on your side, it is important that your head does not tilt. The pillow supports your head from 3 different angles and prevents stiff necks or breathing issues.

Front sleepers

Made with High Density DynamicFoam, you can call this the Goldilocks pillow. Because it’s just right - not too hard, not too soft. Keeps your neck and head at the right height while aligning your spine. So you can wake up pain free.

Sleep in various positions

If you change your sleeping position frequently, you need a well-adjustable pillow for comfortable sleeping on your stomach, back, and side. Ideal for pregnant women who need to change positions a lot in the night.

Are you tired of sleeping on pillows which aren't right for you? 

Then try the Integra Pillow. This revolutionary Contoured Cervical Orthopaedic Pillow is the same size as a regular pillow but with twice the support.

Its unique design cradles your head and neck from all sides, which means your head and spine stay properly aligned throughout the night. So you can wake up pain free every single morning.

Why is it so hard to find the perfect pillow?

  • Down pillows are usually too warm and trap in moisture, which causes odor and bacteria growth.
  • Regular fiber filling pillows lack suitable neck support
  • Traditional memory foam pillows suffer from poor airflow, which makes heat build up, making you hot during the night

What makes The Integra Pillow different?

  • Deep Absorb Memory Foam. 20% thicker than regular memory foam for greater comfort and support.
  • With the help of cutting-edge technology nd sleep experts, we have developed a pillow that ensures perfect sleep posture all night, maximizing both your health and comfort.
  • Complete head and neck support from both sides and underneath. Without holding your head too high.
  • Built-in anti-allergy and odor control 
  • Firm but not uncomfortable
  • Helps open your breathing airways
  • Retains its shape even after 365 nights of sleep

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