Foot Detox Spa

Foot Detox Spa

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The Ionic Foot Detox Spa is specifically designed for wellness enthusiasts, helping you keep your body in balance while helping your feet feel AMAZING! Our system works perfectly from the comfort of your own home, so there are no more expensive trips to the spa!
From the fast-food to the refined waters, to the chemicals we put on our skin, even to the very air we breathe! We live in a modern world with no concern for the harmful toxins that affect our bodies and minds. This is our solution, scientific and nourishing detoxification from the bottom-up!

  • Reduce Chronic Stress

  • Reach Optimum levels of Balance and Health

  • Assist Digestion

  • Reduce Injury Recovery Time

  • Energize Red Blood Cells

  • Heal Painful Headaches

  • Promotes Healthy Sleep Patterns

  • Treats Joint Stiffness

  • Relax and Feel Incredible

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